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FAQ - Common Questions

Stock Photos - FAQ

Purchasing, downloading and using stock photos from the PlanetJake website

The stock photos on this website are classed as royalty free photos unless stated otherwise, the price includes all licensing fees and the purchaser can use the stock photo(s) on a single project as long as they comply with our End User Licence.  However the photo(s) are licensed to you and not sold to you. You cannot claim intellectual rights over the stock photos on this site even if you edit or change the photos beyond recognition.

Please read our End User Licence before buying stock photos from our photo library.


What are royalty free photos? [Back to top]
Royalty free photo libraries (Also refered to as stock photos, royalty free images) offer professional quality images or photographs that can be purchased for a one-time fee and then be used by the purchaser as part of another product such as a magazine or website. This gives the customer access to professional quality photos/images without the expense of hiring a professional photographer. When purchasing a royalty free photo you are effectively buying a licence to use the image but not ownership or copyright of the image which remains with us. stock photography (Wikipedia article) 

What are rights managed photos? [Back to top]
Rights Managed, or RM, refers to a copyright license which, allows the one time use of the photo as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other uses an additional license needs to be purchased for each use.

What are exclusive rights photos? [Back to top]
Exclusive rights photos are sold only once for a higher or premium fee. The premium fee buys exclusive use of the image so your image doesn't end up on a competitor's billboard or website. You are effectively buying ownership and copyright of the photo.

Who uses royalty free photos? [Back to top]
Royalty free photos are used by magazines, websites, catalogs, brochures, billboards etc. Royalty free photos remove the high cost typically associated with using high quality photos for use in media projects. Many projects don't have the budget to spend thousands on a photographer; royalty free photo libraries fills this gap by selling the rights to use the images rather than selling the copyright ownership of the image, but at a much discounted cost.

How to buy royalty free photos from this website [Back to top]
We have made the purchasing and downloading of our stock photo library as simple as possible, photos can be downloaded within seconds of purchase:

  1. Search & preview the stock images on our website
  2. Click on the add to cart button(s) for any stock photos that you wish to buy
  3. Create an account with us, or login to an existing account.
  4. Make a payment via a secure paypal connection, payments will show on you account as been paid to our partner company -  Headjog Creative
  5. Download any stock photos you purchased via a web link which is automatically mailed to you on completion, or sign into your account and visit the downloads section

Please note: although we are happy to accept e-cheques or bank transfers, users will not be able to download purchased photos immediately. You will be notified when your e-cheque or bank transfer has cleared (anything up to 9 days) and a download link will be emailed to you.

Web security is your website secure? [Back to top]
Our credit card transactions are handled by Paypal the most popular online merchant bank available. Transactions utilise 128bit encryption for maximum security.

I don`t have a Paypal account? [Back to top]
Paypal doesnt require you to have an account with them to use their services, All that is required to purchase and download our photos is a valid credit or debit card.

I have just bought a royalty free photo from your website, that means I own it right? [Back to top]
Nope, you have just bought a licence to use the photo as part of a single project, continues to hold copyright of the image, and may continue to resell the image via this website. Please see our end user license for further details.

I have just bought a royalty free photo from your website, can I resell it? [Back to top]
No, whilst the image may be incorporated as part of another product, ie a website or magazine, the image cannot be resold in its original format. Please see our end user license for further details.

When can I download images I have purchased? [Back to top]
Straight away, this shop is automated and purchased images will appear in the download section of your account as soon as your payment has been accepted.

The download is a zip file, where is the photo I bought? [Back to top]
Downloaded files are compressed as zip files, this makes the file size smaller without compromising image quality, Free software for decompressing zip files can be downloaded here for both mac and pc

Im having problems downloading the stock photo(s) [Back to top]
If your photo download is interrupted for any reason, or you lose the file on your hard drive, (or any other such disaster!) don't panic, just get in touch with us using the same contact details that you used to make your original order. We keep a record of all purchases and downloads and we will be happy to assist wherever possible.

What is the image resolution of the stock photos you sell? [Back to top]
This varies, and depends on the camera used to take the photo. Sometimes a great photo opportunity comes when a high quality camera isn't at hand, we believe it's about capturing the moment not the equipment used. If we think a photo is worthy we will upload it irrespective of it been taken on the latest, greatest camera or just a simple cheap camera phone. As such our image resolutions and image sizes may vary. 

What is the file format of your images? [Back to top]
Our images are sold as standard Jpegs (Joint Photographic Experts Group), The world's most common image format, recognisable by almost all image applications from web browsers to image editors such as Adobe Photoshop and Gimp

Can I have the image in a different format? [Back to top]
Absolutely, just contact us with further details before making a purchase

I purchased a photo but didn't receive an email [Back to top]
The most common reason for this is either a false email address was supplied, or your email spam filter has not allowed the email to pass. Our software keeps a record of all transactions, in the unlikely event of having a problem downloading our music, contact us at

I like your photos but there's nothing on this website that seems to fit in with our project [Back to top]
Contact us, we might have something else in stock. We will also happily take photos for a specific project, or re-edit a specific photo to your direction.

Do we have to credit your stock photos in our website, magazine etc? [Back to top]
If a credit list is given in your project or if you downloaded the photos from our free photos section, then the following credit line must be included: “Images courtesy of PlanetJake stock photography” (web based projects should link to

Who is PlanetJake [Back to top]
PlanetJake is owned and developed by Headjog Creative, a creative agency specialising in multimedia development and online publishing, Headjog Creative was originally founded by Jake Richard, we are based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, near to the Yorkshire Dales national park.

In addition to PlanetJake Headjog Creative manage a number of online businesses, from stock photos, and royalty free music production to web development, graphic design and investors in premium domain names. Headjog are also publishers of a number of specialist information websites such as MTB Dales, a site about mountain biking. The PlanetJake name comes from our director Jake Richard

I live near to your company in Skipton and love your photos, can I book you to photograph my wedding or special occasion? [Back to top]
I am not usually available to photograph private events, allthough I occasionally take on photographic commissions, please contact me with further details

End user licence [Back to top]
By the process of creating an account, purchasing and downloading royalty free photos from this website ( users agree to abide by our end user licence(s).

Privacy policy [Back to top] will never sell your personal information, please see our privacy policy for information about how we look after any information we hold about you.


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